Excellent food, friendly service, pleasant ambience and Prekmurje hospitality!


Restaurant Lovenjak is recognized as soon as we arrive to Polana village, in terms of the characteristics of its appearance.

For over 70 years, there is a large nest on the restaurant chimney, to which the birds of Prekmurje, storks, return year after year. Throughout the years, the owners carefully observed that this home was always available to the animals. The stork’s nest also became a sign of the restaurant. Also, its exterior –  the house overgrown with green climbers.

Prekmurje homestead is over 170 years old and the restaurant activity is slightly younger. At first, it was a good village Siftar inn with home-made food and good wine. The innkeeper was Franc Lovenjak from Poznanovci in Goričko, who married Emilija Šiftar. Despite the fact that there was a restaurant and a butchery at the house, Franz Lovenjak’s greatest love was vineyard and viticulture. That is why in 1979, Frida, his daughter, took over the management of the inn, who introduced a series of novelties together with her husband, Karl Horvat, who later joined the management and development of the inn. The first novelty in the new period of the inn was the offering of dishes made from fresh sea fish and seafood.

Restaurant Lovenjak was then closed for almost two years. At the beginning of 2005 it was bought by the Pavlinjek family under the brand ROTO and registered the new company RGT d.o.o. (Roto, Catering, Tourism), renamed to LOVENJAKOV DVOR D.O.O.


We transformed the renovated restaurant into a green oasis of peace and a pleasant gathering with excellent food and drink. Restaurant Lovenjak with a lot of novelty and freshness continues with the tradition of fish dishes and Prekmurje specialties. Among the rich “ala carte” offer you will definitely find the dishes you would like to try.

In the summer time, in the beautiful green garden, we enjoy pleasant evenings with fish dishes and music. Sea dishes conjure up a piece of the sea in the middle of the Prekmurje plain, and the Prekmurje specialties take us to the time of our grandmothers.

In addition, there are many dishes from European and international cuisine on our dining list.

On certain holidays, we adapt our offer to Easter dishes, carnival dishes, martin’s dishes, etc.

We thrive in all of this with excellent trained waiting and cooking staff.

Cooks with many years of experience try that you are pleasantly surprised every time and that you leave us satisfied, and most importantly, that you like to return to our place again and again, like our stork, which year after year returnes to our chimney.

Our wine “sommeliere” takes you to the world of good droplet, which goes hand in hand with good food.

Next to the restaurant stands hotel Štrk with 24 modernly furnished beds, of which two are superior. The hotel also has a new wellness (2019) where you will find a swimming pool and massage pool and saunas. Within the wellness area there is also a massage room with relaxation and therapeutic massages. In year 2016 hotel won the flattering title of AFFORDABLE LUXURY HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2016. We are also looking forward to the ratings of hotel check (5.7 / 6) and the prestigious ratings of satisfied guests on booking (8.6 / 10). All these recognitions give us an even greater drive to become better and even better.

Along with the restaurant and the hotel we also have a homestead. This is a Prekmurje-style apartment surrounded with animals, so you feel like on a farm.

At the foot of Goričko we also welcome campers and caravans. Next to the stop for campers and camping trailers, new sanitary facilities were set up in 2018.

In our yard there is a distillery called st. Stefan distillerie, where we produce our own spirits with a touch of Prekmurje.

In 2018 a new intimate wellness was built, where you can enjoy the company of your dear ones.

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Travel luxury agency is an English agency that evaluates hotels around the world. Last year we received a flattering title in the Affordable Luxury Hotel trophy category and the first place (winner) for Slovenia. For us, this is a praise for past work and a great commitment for further work.


The hotel evaluation is important in our “hotel” everyday. It is important for us, who are trying every day for each guest and for the guest, as we can expect the best with an independent evaluation.


Winner award 2015

Very nice place with great staff and superb restaurant Recommend to everyone.

Branko T.


Alfonz F.

The stay was lovely, loved the breakfast which was included. The place was clean. Enjoyed the stay.

Ana F.
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