St. Stefan distilerie story has been maturing for quite some years. In the places where we live, viticulture is quite rooted in our land. From time immemorial, people have been distillating and producing wine and fruit brandy.

In the company to all the magnificent stories of Lovenjakov dvor we wanted to add something meaningful and level-appropriate. There was talk about brandies or “cognacs” and with it ” the stables”. The news spread, that we will have horses.

And the protector of horses is St. Štefan. This saint is also the patron of cellarmen and barrel makers, which are very important in the ripening of brandy and whiskey.

This is how the Štefanjak, Niski started maturing and matured and the Sheery jurka, Travarica, Palinka, Bonekampf, Sixtyfive… developed. Proud of the distillery and spirits we invite everyone, who is interested in the stories and our excellent products.

Presentation of spirits and tasting of our products are available
now for visitors after prior announcement.