Apollo in the town of Negova – herbalist, was accused of witchcraft. Of course, when they did not know all the miraculous naps and herbs from herbs at the time. And exactly this Apollonia gathered around the castle. Pumpkin oil is also a potion. Green gold could be said, because that cold press is worth a lot of money.

From here we go to three hearts, try mineral water – the one with three hearts. Not far away is the park of memories and comradeship – a small but still large park.

Murska Sobota is the largest regional city and therefore is the hub of the route from all directions, north, south, east and west, and a few in between. And there is something else that is characteristic of Mursko Soboto – if we look at the map of Slovenia, Murska Sobota is a Slovenian co – eye that looks into the world. He certainly also looks at the Šunkarna Kodila, where the Prekmurje ham is coming, which we will also try. Not too much, because dinner in the Lovenjak restaurant is already waiting for us.

Tour includes:

Guided tour with local guide, a tour of Negovo castle, a visit of the Radenci Health Resort with a degustation of mineral water from the spring, a visit to the Kocbek oil mill, a visit to the park in Petanjci, a tasting and a visit at Šunkarna Kodila, a dinner at restaurant Lovenjak.

  • Duration of sightseeing and driving: approx. 8:00 hours / 100 km
  • Rate: light
  • Invalids with trolleys: partly