Health at Radenci Health Resort is of great importance. The health resort will end with a glass of mineral water – sprinkled directly from the spring. The path leads us to the Babič mill in Veržej, which is a family tradition for many generations.

We continue against the wine-growing region of Jerusalem, which has a special status. Here we find many small private cellars, we will stop in the Malek cottage, where tasting awaits us.

Full of flavors and impressions, we drive across Murska Sobota to Šunkarna Kodila, where we will see the production of the true Prekmurje ham. Yes, we will also taste it, but just so much that there is still room for dinner waiting for us at the Lovenjak restaurant.

Tour includes:

Guided tour with a local guide, a visit to the Radenci Health Resort, a visit to the mill on the Mura – Babič, a wine tasting in the Malek wine cellar (3 types of wines, bread and cheese), a tour of Murska Sobota, a tour and a tasting in Šunkarna Kodila, a dinner at restaurant Lovenjak.

  • Duration of sightseeing and driving: approx. 7:00 hours / 100 km
  • Rate: light
  • Invalids with trolleys: partly