Excellent food, friendly service, pleasant ambience and Prekmurje hospitality!


Affordable pampering packages designed for special occasions and special people. If you are a special group with a desire for special treatment, please contact us. We will prepare a special offer for you as well. Alternatively, you can choose from existing packages.

At our place you are not only guests, but you are special people and you will be given special attention.


Prekmurje with its surroundings is a story that life has written here for centuries. Innumerable natural beauties and historical sights with excellent cuisine and food always offer new insights about the world in this part of Europe. Diversity and equality are excite us, who live here and everyone who comes just to visit us. Indifference has no place here.

Trips are adapted to groups according to their wishes for how to experience this landscape.

Gift certificates

Special moments in life require special attention. We offer you the possibility of buying gift certificates, which guests can use for all the pleasures offered by Lovenjakov dvor.

Give someone a gift of the heart of our house, a house of quality – a house with a soul – a house with energy.

Why choose us?

When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.

(Henry Kraiser)


Travel luxury agency is an English agency that evaluates hotels around the world. Last year we received a flattering title in the Affordable Luxury Hotel trophy category and the first place (winner) for Slovenia. For us, this is a praise for past work and a great commitment for further work.


The hotel evaluation is important in our “hotel” everyday. It is important for us, who are trying every day for each guest and for the guest, as we can expect the best with an independent evaluation.

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